The X Factor in Healing

The X Factor in Healing

“True healing is the healing of the whole life. Short of this, we are only alleviating the symptoms”. Dr P Solomon

If we are troubled by disease and disharmony it is likely that our thinking is strained and unclear; or we easily become emotionally upset and act in ways that we later regret. The internal stresses of such patterns can eventually cause the body to weaken and become vulnerable to illness.

To be a channel for healing, or to be healed, it is essential to un­derstand onself as a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional being. True healing requires a change in consciousness towards our attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and even our symptoms. The word healing means to be whole or in harmony in mind, body and spirit. Symptoms that some thing needs to change in order to return to a natural and healthy state of being. It could be said that symptoms are nature's language giving us the opportunity to read the signs and change whatever is necessary in our lives to come back to a state of well being.

Highlights of this workshop include:

  • Stress & Emotions Management

And Creative Visualization & Meditation for:

  • Healing self and others
  • Exploring subtle energy
  • Developing the intuitive senses
  • Perfecting the self as an instrument
  • Practice application and practice