Entertainer and Music

With my origins in the UK, I’ve been in ’show business’ since I was nineteen. While Barbara and Hughie Gibb, the “Bee Gees” parents, were my managers I produced a hit, “Summer Days” which was a hit throughout Europe and won Spain’s national award for “Most romantic ballad of the year”. I’ve worked extensively on the cabaret circuit, appeared on major T.V. and radio shows in Europe and the United Kingdom, received the Midlands Variety Award for Impressionist of the Year, starred in my own successful show and played Jesus in the original rock gospel musical, The Davidson Affair.

As you no doubt know by now, I spend most of my time these days conducting workshops, lectures and concerts on the meaningful topic of Life and how to live it. However, music still remains an extremely important part of it all. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done a presentation without singing at least one number.

To date, I’ve produced two albums on cassette, ” It’s in Every One of Us ” and “One Heart in Time”. My first album on CD, “Watching You, Watching Me”, was released at the end of 1998. Of course, I’m currently working on another!


One Heart In Time - John Christian

One Heart In Time – John Christian

Music CD

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Track Listings

1 One Heart in Time
2 Seasons of the Heart
3 Life is a Melody
4 Spirit Within Me
5 From a Distance
6 Give a Little Love
7 Shadows and Footprints
8 Spirit of the Tree
9 Dance Divine
10 Let the Light Shine Down

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Watching You, Watching Me - John Christian

Watching You, Watching Me – John Christian

Music CD

Price: £7.99 + shipping.

1 One Family
2 The Change
3 If The World Ever Needed Love
4 Someone’s Looking After Me
5 Worlds Apart
6 A Piece of Heaven
7 Watching You Watching Me
8 Love Song
9 Call Going Out
10 A Deeper Kind of Love

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