Corporate Presenter

The corporate programmes address the emotional intelligence and intuitive intelligence within organisations.

Skills, procedures and systems can all be learned in-house, whereas, the most valuable assets that any organisation have are the desire, the energy and the creativity that come from its people.

Companies that want to get ahead in this turbulent world of change, ensure they capitalise on these assets. Consequently, they enjoy enhanced motivation, increased productivity and greater fulfilment in the workplace.

First we make sure we understand your organisational philosophy and culture, then we tailor a bespoke programmes based on your values and your goal.

Every programme is available internationally, ensuring continuity in a multinational organisation.

“John is a man of great integrity, vision, wisdom and charm, who would give confidence in contact with your people. His influence on them is wholly good and it is a delight to be with him.” – Sir George Trevelyn BT. MA.