Yoga for the western mind

Health and relaxation at work

Business Yoga is a contribution to the quality of life, health, and productivity of your employees. It provides an immediate return on investment through profound stress reduction, improved feelings of health and wellbeing, reducing absenteeism and improved productivity.

Simple exercises and techniques

usiness Yoga offers customized training programs for the work environment with exercises and techniques that are easy and accessible for anyone. The exercises help employees to become aware of themselves and their own performance. They learn to take responsibility for their health and well-being, they realize their potential and become more authentic.

At your desk or in a meeting room

Business Yoga is suitable for a meeting or conference room. Business Yoga exercises are performed in work attire while employees sit in chairs. No previous yoga experience is required, so everyone can participate.  

Reasons to invest in Business Yoga:

  • Your employees are happy and productive
  • Improve team performance and resistance to change
  • Your investment is a health insurance  

Business Yoga, customized and goal-oriented

Based on your goals and needs we develop a customized program for your company. Alignment can take place during an introduction meeting.